Crystal Travis-McRae, owner of World of Surrogacy is a surrogacy advisor. All three of her children were born via a surrogate in India. She makes constant efforts to spread awareness and her success stories in media to educate intended parents.

The leading media like BBC, FOX NEWS, WOMEN IN THE WORLD, THE DAILY etc have understood the importance of successful surrogate agency like us and we have been constantly guiding intended parents to successful surrogacy.

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After multiple trips to India, Mexico, Greece, Ukraine, Russia, Cambodia, Georgia we have formed relationships with doctors whom we trust with the basics, like synchronization, as well as the more complex matters involved in the surrogacy process. These doctors will go the extra mile to optimize your chances. They will prepare multiple surrogates for you and only use the one with the best lining. Once you have a pregnancy, a surrogate house ensures the best possible outcome. We also have resident legal experts worldwide to tackle different issues.

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LGBT / 55 and Older Friendly

Changes in International Surrogacy are always in flux, stay tuned for updated information

Thank you Crystal Travis for all that you do for mommies-to-be like me at “The World of Surrogacy”. – Katie Lithander Fettig