Induced lactation has been embraced as a way to provide a beautiful bonding experience for women having non-biological babies.  The special closeness fostered by breastfeeding can be profoundly comforting for both mother and child. Many women who have struggled with fertility problems value the experience of breastfeeding. Feel the closeness and let your emotions roll in as a mother….

We value milk and can work with your individual situation to help you reach your goals to be able to breastfeed successfully through our stepwise lactational consulting program. We have a certified International Board Certified Lactational Consultant (IBCLC) who organizes workshops and individual counselling for breastfeeding mothers. She conducts classes and provides treatment for:

♦ Low milk supply
♦ Nipple problems & abnormalities
♦ Engorgement
♦ Mastitis
♦ Breast abscess
♦ Low birth weight & preemies
♦ Tongue tie
♦ Breast refusal
♦ Twins
♦ Working mothers
♦ Relactation