World of Surrogacy will walk you through the steps from wanting a family to bringing your baby home.  We use our expertise to pick a country in which to do surrogacy, and the clinic for your situation. With over 18 years of experience in both the domestic and international markets, we have a great team of doctors, lawyers, legal experts to ensure a safe and healthy child.

The  Doctors

After multiple trips to India, Mexico, Nepal and Greece we have formed relationships with doctors whom we trust with the basics, like synchronization, as well as the more complex matters involved in the surrogacy process. These doctors will go the extra mile to optimize your chances. They will prepare multiple surrogates for you and only use the one with the best lining. Once you have a pregnancy, a surrogate house ensures the best possible outcome.

Surrogate Care

A surrogate, commonly called a gestational carrier, is one who serves to carry embryos created on your behalf, resulting in the birth of a child.

All surrogates are screened for emotional and physical well-being.  The surrogates all have a proven track record and have had live births.  Vocational options are offered to all surrogates.  We ensure that ALL of our surrogates are paid according to the contract entered into.

Accommodations for the Surrogate

We work only with doctors that give your surrogate the option to stay in extended housing. All of our surrogates are housed in spacious accommodations and have round-the-clock care under the supervision of doctors or nurses.  Our surrogates are allowed to bring their children with them to reside in surrogate housing if they so choose.

Social workers and coordinators assist in the daily lives of the surrogates. They take care of all of the nutritional needs for the surrogates while they are under a doctor’s care, as well as the nutritional needs of their families.

Services offered to Intended Parents

IVF/ICSI, or in-vitro fertilization, is a term used in human reproduction technology where the process of fertilization takes place outside of the body.  Eggs are collected from the ovaries of an intended parent or egg donor and placed in contact with sperm.  Embryos are then created in a laboratory environment.

Gender Selection

Gender selection commonly refereed to as PGD is an accurate method of determining the gender of an embryo.  PGD is 99% percent accurate.  The process is undertaken by an expert with the aid of a high powered microscope of high optical power.  A hollow glass needle is used to to penetrate the outer lining of the embryo to draw a single cell.  This cell is then put under  genetic tests to select gender identity.  PGD is often used  for screening various genetic disorders as well.

Other Services We Offer

We are a lifecycle fertility solutions provider including a surrogacy provider. We offer consultancy services with certified subject matter experts in Alternative Medicine like Acupuncture, Ayurveda and other medical techniques to help you with fertility issues.

We also offer lactation services with a certified lactation consultant to build a unique bonding experience of  breastfeeding between mother and child.

We work with our lenders to provide the best available financial plans when needed.

With our wealth of personal experiences, we are a one stop shop for your fertility needs. What BONDS us is our personal surrogacy/fertility journey, welcome to the global family.