About World of Surrogacy


For those who cannot bear children themselves, World of Surrogacy makes dreams of parenthood come true through surrogacy in India, Mexico, Nepal, Greece and the USA.

Our Mission

We at World of Surrogacy believe every family has the right to realize their dreams to parenthood in an affordable and amenable way.

Who is World of Surrogacy?

We are multi-cultural, multi-national parents who have done international surrogacy ourselves. Our success in helping others to navigate the international surrogacy world has been recognized by world media like BBC, Al-Jazeera, FoxNews. We continue to leverage our experiences and connections to facilitate and help others to have a successful journey. Thanks to our intended parents who have given us repeat referrals, we have had resounding success helping others to build families through Surrogacy since 2010. As IVF/Surrogacy parents ourselves, we are committed to the cause and are also advocates. We work at local, state, national, and international levels with legislators, social organizations to enact laws and maintain equal rights.